For conditions of moderate to severe pains, physicians prescribe medicines like Tramadol (Know Tramadol Symptoms). This is a medicine that works on the opioid receptors. It inhibits the pain from reaching the pain receptors in the nervous system. One needs to keep in mind that though Tramadol gives good results when it comes to managing pain end of the day this is also a medicine. Naturally there till side effects and there will also be chances of addiction to the medicine.

A few signs of Tramadol addiction:

There are some signs which give a clear indication of substance abuse and these Tramadol Symptoms of abuse needs to be taken seriously. Nausea, vomiting, change in the appetite are some of the things that may indicate substance abuse. If a person does not have a history of epilepsy and even then suffers from seizures then even this can be an external sign of substance abuse. Very small pupils, drowsiness, impaired coordination; headaches etc can also indicate substance abuse.

Tramadol Warnings that you just cannot miss out!

Sometimes even if you are taking all the precautions while taking tramadol certain signs indicate there is some problem and you need immediate medical attention. Presence of nausea, drowsiness should not be ignored. It must also be noted that sometimes the improper use of the medication can lead to addiction and can cause dangerous side effects which can prove to be fatal.

Symptoms like fever, constipation, concentration issues, pain in the muscles, depression, severe sweating may also be drug abuse and Tramadol Addiction Symptoms.

Tramadol Addiction Symptoms

Drug interactions and overdose:

When Tramadol is taken along with some other medicine and there is drug interaction then it can lead to the worst situation. Similarly, an overdose of Tramadol can prove to life-threatening. Seizures and CNS depression are some of the severe symptoms of Tramadol. The serotonin syndrome is also one of the symptoms of Tramadol abuse. If a patient takes too much Tramadol and antidepressants at the same time then excess serotonin is produced and this remains in the brain. This condition can prove to be fatal if it is not treated on a priority basis. Confusion, anxiety, jerky and rigid muscles, tremors, problems in coordination, seizures, coma etc are some of the symptoms which may indicate serotonin syndrome.

How to recognize a tramadol addict?

If a person shows physical and psychological signs of dependence then it is an indication of addiction. A person who has a history of addiction to substances in the past is prone to Tramadol addiction. A person who is addicted to Tramadol will want to leave the medicine but will fail in his attempts to quit the medicine. This person will take the medicine even if it leads to problems. The addict will ignore his daily chores and will concentrate only on procuring the medication. The person will also show a craving for the medication.

Getting rid of the addiction:

When a person is addicted to Tramadol and tries to get rid of the addiction then he surely going to suffer from the withdrawal symptoms. If he quits the drug suddenly then the severity of the symptoms will naturally be more. It is therefore, better to taper the dose gradually so that the withdrawal symptoms can be managed with ease. Sweating, nausea, diarrhea etc are some of the withdrawal symptoms that are normally observed. It is better to take professional help to quit the medication safely.

If you want to avoid issues like addiction and abuse of Tramadol then make sure that you take the medication only when the physician prescribes the medication. The medication must always be taken under medical supervision.

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